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Aztekphetamine's Skin as seen in NameMC

Aztekphetamine, formerly known as LordSaft64, is a player who joined on May 11th 2020, although his activitiy is rather questionable, he has said that he wanted to be more active on Puucraft. He has changed his name in early 2023 and planned to do so for a long time because he didn't like his old name anymore.

He would tragically die on June 10th, 2023 in the Puurooms right after saying "can't even die in the puurooms smh". It is believed that his spirit will be trolling those who enter the Puurooms for years to come.

Membership Status[edit | edit source]

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Crimes[edit | edit source]

Aztekphetamine himself admitted on the Puucraft Discord to dump radioactive waste into the Kytrap river. However, nobody seemed to care as of Gamer0127's recently obtained terrible reputation.

Maybe (Probably) running a Meth cooking operation with TBoneX07 and Xodus.

Notable Works[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Finanzamt, Finanzamt, Finanzamt - Aztekphetamine, 2022