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LordSaft64's Skin as seen in NameMC

LordSaft64, also known on Discord as ChiptuneMan or simply Chip, is a player who joined on May 11th 2020, although his activitiy is rather questionable. However, he has said that he wanted to be more active on Puucraft.

Membership Status[edit | edit source]

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Crimes[edit | edit source]

LordSaft64 himself admitted on the Puucraft Discord to dump radioactive waste into the Kytrap river. However, nobody seemed to care as of Gamer0127's recently obtained terrible reputation.

Maybe (Probably) running a Meth cooking operation with TBoneX07 and Proplayer998.

Notable Works[edit | edit source]

Map 10:[edit | edit source]

Map 11:[edit | edit source]