Map 11,5

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Map over Map 11,5 after the first day. This is the first version of the map; made by Pausen.

Map 11,5 or commonly known as Puulands, is a small map inside of Map 11. Writing /warp Puu will get you to the spawn of Map 11,5. Map 11,5 is a project organized by Weakypedia. People who participate in this project leave their items behind and start Map 11 anew on the small map of Map 11,5. People who participate in the Map 11,5 project can't gather resources outside of Map 11,5 (except for gathering clay and snow). The area of Map 11,5 is relatively small.

History[edit | edit source]

Map 11,5 officially started at 06:00 PM UTC+1, 26. January 2024. 11 people would show up at the beginning of the project, and many more would join later on.

Map of Puulands version 4.1
Map of Puulands version 4.1, 9 days after the project began.

There are multiple roads, and even a railway spread around Map 11,5. The map is split up between "Valleys" and local towns/settlements. There are also plans to increase the map size for custom minigames made by players.

Players[edit | edit source]

List over players when the project began:

Players who would join later on (may not be complete):