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Mixarium's skin on NameMC.

Mixarium, formerly known as MixariumTG_YT, is a Puucraft player who joined on October 26th 2020, around the second half of Map 10. He has been playing consistently on Map 11 and is active in the present. As of this writing, he's situated in the third place for the playtime leaderboard.

Owner of:

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Mixarium used to be wanted for several crimes on Puucraft, although he didn't serve time in prison,[1] like:

  • The attempted murder of salthepal128
  • Collaboration with salthepal128 and luigiriot for placing water in the nether and helping the water flow to extend to more blocks in diameter, as seen from the image below
Mixarium attempting to murder salthepal128, August 19th 2021.
Placing water in the nether, October 17th 2021.

His notable works include:

On Map 10:[edit | edit source]

  • Founding the town of Mathoholmul;
  • "Discovering" the crash slabs, which are illegal slabs with an unused ID;
  • Intervening in the North-South Kytrap conflict, during which a war occurred due to the escalations, to which Mixarium helped North Kytrap in achieving victory.

On Map 11:[edit | edit source]

  1. Shouldn't be taken seriously, just a joke.