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Aerial view of the town on 5 February 2021.
Founded on 26 November 2020
City leader Mixarium
Situation North-west, according to Dynmap
Coordinates X: -6569; Z: 8474
Territorial expansion Approx. 330 blocks by 370 blocks

Mathoholmul is a town founded on the second half of Map 10, by Mixarium (formerly known as MixariumTG_YT until 9 February 2021).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

The name "Mathoholmul" wasn't used as the name of the town until 18 December 2020, when it received a warp. What is known about the name is that it originated from several lexemes, the first part "math", is because of Mixarium's passion for the math subject, "holm", is taken from the second half of "Stockholm", capital of Sweden. While the -ul at the end resembles a definite article from the Romanian language due to Mixarium being Moldovan, where the definite articles are enclitic, meaning they're attached to the end of the noun, used to refer to masculine or singular neuter nouns, like "omul", meaning "the human", with the original noun being "om".

It is also believed that the name Mathoholmul may have come from a misnomer, as Mixarium intended it to be written as "Mathoholm'ul", to actually mark the -ul after the single quote in the name, meaning "The Mathoholm". People ignored the single quote and mostly referred to the town as "Mathoholmul". Mixarium eventually accepted the usage of it without the single quote after several weeks.

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-Mathoholmul[edit | edit source]

Earliest known evidence of the foundation of Mathoholmul can be dated as back as November 26th or 29th 2020 when a cobblestone castle was built. According to Mixarium, the reason the castle was built was because of boredom. At around that time, he was living in nobber1's base, which wasn't too far away from spawn in comparison to at that time soon-to-be Mathoholmul. For most of the town's period, the castle remained empty, with only his storage remaining there, with the exception of the "crash slab discovery" event that occurred during that period.

The castle of Mathoholmul on 29 November 2020.

Beginning of civilization[edit | edit source]

Mathoholmul, December 14th 2020.

The town's first citizen would be a player with the name of rjjvh, who also built the first house of Mathoholmul. Although before that, Mixarium also built an observation tower, possibly to symbolize that his town was situated very far away from spawn and that he needed a bigger field of view to observe what else is around the town. In the next days, more users joined his town and turned Mathoholmul into a town.

On 18 December 2020, after few talks with the server admin, the town received its warp and its markup on the Puucraft dynmap, which made the town easily accessible, but at the same time, it created a risk for griefs happening at the town (foreshadowing moment). More buildings and residences would be built as well, including a cinema built by username Theidiot (yes, that was his actual username).

Several users checking out the crash slabs. The reason why they show up as quartz blocks is because Mixarium was playing on the server from Release 1.7.10, with the DirtMultiVersion proxy. On 1.7.10, the ID 44:7 means quartz slabs, that's why they show up like that.

Railway Construction[edit | edit source]

Randomguy2200, Puucraft player, known for his railway systems to towns around the Puucraft map, planned to build a railway connecting Mathoholmul and Rembul on 23 December 2020. Mixarium agreed and collaborated with Randomguy2200, helping him build the bridge for the railway. The railway to Mathoholmul would be finished five days later, on 28 December 2020.

"The crash slab discovery"[edit | edit source]

On 17 January 2021, Mixarium would build a meta-data changer machine, that has the capability of changing log blocks, wool blocks, and slabs. With it, several types of slabs that have an unused ID can be created. If a person tries to check the name of these slabs by hovering over them in their inventory, it crashes their client. This type of slabs was shown to few people, before 23 January 2021, the same day when Puucraft would thought to be shutdown but cancelled, when more people came to Mathoholmul, invited by Mixarium, to check out the slabs.

Foundation of the parliament[edit | edit source]

Parliament of Mathoholmul was founded on 6 February 2021. Its main intention was for discussion of how the entire Puucraft server could be improved. The members of the parliament would bring suggestions, while Mixarium and others were analyzing them. Turns out, this isn't what the expectations exactly were. While sure, some serious talk was involved, it was treated more of a roleplay, which can be understood why.

War implication[edit | edit source]

Disclaimer: the word "war" isn't meant to be used seriously, it was more of a roleplay fight which had a slight meaning to it.

Mathoholmul has been implicated in one short war, during the North-South Kytrap conflict. On 7 May 2021, Mathoholmul and North Kytrap, led by Gamer0127, sign the "Reciprocal Treaty", in which both towns promise that they'll help each other. Though, on 8 May the next day, war would be declared between North and South Kytrap, with the southern part led by CraftedPatryk. Mixarium, mayor of Mathoholmul, intervened in the fight and the northern side would be declared victorious, after CraftedPatryk had surrendered.

Opening of the orthodox cathedral, 14 June 2021.
North-South Kytrap war, 8 May 2021.

Building of the orthodox cathedral[edit | edit source]

On 11 May 2021, Gustawus organizes plans of building an orthodox cathedral, and has chosen to build it in Mathoholmul. Mixarium helped Gustawus with the building, in order to save time, and on 14 June 2021, the orthodox cathedral was finished.

Mathoholmul griefs[edit | edit source]

During the existence of Mathoholmul, three major griefs have been confirmed, all happening at different periods of time.

Grief of 31 December 2020
Grief of 1 January 2021
Grief of 11 February 2021

First grief[edit | edit source]

The first grief occurred on 31 December 2020, morning or noon on UTC+3 timezone. An infamous veteran griefer, whose name won't be mentioned, griefed Mathoholmul, while being undercover with his username as Tigershark422. Mixarium was online at the same time trying to kill the griefer in order to prevent further grief. The account got banned shortly after the grief and the town was rollbacked to how it was before the grief.

Second grief[edit | edit source]

The second grief occurred on the night between 31 December 2020 and 1 January 2021. The same griefer, this time, joined as JumboKid, planted saplings in the sky, with theories as to mock the server's name, Puucraft, because "puu" means tree in Finnish. Mixarium wasn't online, but minipasila noticed the grief, reporting it to staff. That account eventually got banned and the town got rollbacked once again. In the aftermath, a bug happened which led to Mixarium losing all his items from his chests in his storage. He mentioned staff about the problem, and Mixarium became inactive for a few days. Eventually, after his missing items were rebrought back, the warp became isolated by him, in order to prevent others from leaving the main lobby and griefing the town. Also as a protest, Mixarium built an unfinished lava wall around the borders of the city, that could be easily penetrated through, by mining under it. The motive that it was built in the first place was to insult the supposed griefers who planned on griefing Mathoholmul. Administrators would remove the lava wall, but the platform on which the lava wall was made remained there for months, because of Mixarium's ignorance of demolishing it.

Third grief[edit | edit source]

The third major grief occurred on 11 February 2021. The exact same griefer was responsible for these actions. The griefer was logged in as Moonshine247, who made a severe grief to the castle, by making lava casts around it. It happened in the afternoon, at around 3 PM. Mixarium was offline when the grief happened, but CzarneKaro noticed it, and reported to the staff. Because of this third attempt at griefing, after almost 2 months since the beginning of Mathoholmul, a worldguard was put into place, to only allow specific people whitelisted by Mixarium to be able to build in the surrounded territory by the worldguard, Further griefs were prevented, thankfully. Despite that, a rollback bug appeared, which would remove the cobblestone from few buildings that weren't griefed in the first place. Some buildings were brought back, but sections of the Mathoholmul parliament had to be manually restored.

Notable structures[edit | edit source]

A view of the public mine of Mathoholmul.
That QR code.

On this second part of the page, there will be a list of notable structures from Mathoholmul.

Here's the list of those notable structures, excluding the castle:

Mathoholmul public mine[edit | edit source]

The public mine of Mathoholmul is quite a relatively big mine that was mostly mined out by Mixarium himself. It provided a great farm for slimes, as slimes were able to spawn in specific slime chunks which included the mine. It stood out as 145 x 145 blocks, which could explain its usefulness.

"Not a rickroll" QR code[edit | edit source]

This is a QR code built of snow blocks and black wool, and it's promised that this QR code is not actually a rickroll. It is supposed to work, because Mixarium tested it and it scanned properly. According to Mixarium, he built this because of inspiration from nobber1, who also built a QR code at his base (not in Mathoholmul).

Mathoholmul's church[edit | edit source]

This church used to be the observation tower that Mixarium built before the foundation of the actual town. It got demolished because Mixarium considered it looked slightly ugly and didn't serve much of a purpose. On March 12th 2021, the church would be built. It was still located in the same place as where the former observation tower used to be.

Mathoholmul's church on Map 10.

Parliament of Mathoholmul[edit | edit source]

The parliament of Mathoholmul, as mentioned earlier, was a building with its area being 34 by 34 blocks. The parliament is split into two floors. In the first floor, citizens of Mathoholmul, or any other people in general, could type out suggestions to improve the town or the Puucraft server, written in signs and placed on bookshelves to make them easier to notice. On the second floor is where the main tribunal occurred. Mixarium said that it should resemble the tribunal found in the Moldovan Parliament in real life. On top of the roof of the parliament, a big glass dome can be seen, giving out a spherical shape.

Mathoholmul's parliament's tribunal.
Parliament of Mathoholmul, exterior perspective.
The Orthodox Patriarchate of Mathoholmul.

Orthodox Patriarchate of Mathoholmul[edit | edit source]

Also mentioned earlier, the Orthodox Patriarchate of Mathoholmul was built by Gustawus. Mixarium chose the Orthodox Patriarchate specifically, because, again, of his Moldovan indentity. From his sayings, in both Moldova and Romania, a majority of the population is Christian Orthodox, and so he thought that it would resemble his country a bit. It has a main big dome, alongside 4 other smaller domes, arranged in the cardinal positions of north, south, west and east. All domes are built of orange wool, which adds up to the color of the mostly white and gray walls and depths.

Members[edit | edit source]

Down below is a list of members of Mathoholmul (excluding the owner):

  • 00001noob10000
  • bitters_uwu
  • blackangel284
  • Craft2guardian
  • CraftedPatryk (only owned a house there, not an actual resident.)
  • Crispy8B
  • DanielStrider67
  • dantheshark18
  • davidsxrd
  • Florx_Lord (only a volunteer, has helped with the parliament, not a resident either.)
  • Frogfruits
  • Gustawus (volunteer, helped with building the orthodox cathedral.)
  • Herodude12
  • hexaproton
  • luljaime
  • Mapple (former member, left Mathoholmul for reasons.)
  • mmoi
  • Nickson_Black
  • rjjvh
  • Theidiot
  • TheXLMinecrafter
  • Wanti2003
  • WalterBlade