North-South Kytrap conflict

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This page refers to Map 10 Kytrap, with the exception of the "Aftermath" section, which includes New Kytrap as well.

The North-South Kytrap conflict was a Map 10 conflict dating back from the beginning of May 2021. Main cause of it were the misunderstandings between who had more power in the town, Gamer0127 or CraftedPatryk. The conflict started immediately after the split of Kytrap into two separate identities.

Main belligerents[edit | edit source]

Northern Kytrap[edit | edit source]

Northern Kytrap was led by Gamer0127, which was reportedly supported by Mixarium, mayor of Mathoholmul, and Aztekphetamine, mayor of Frisia, even before the May 8th war. Their main intention, at first, was to unite again with South Kytrap, if both commanders agreed to a peace treaty. Ultimately after, it only led to Northern Kytrap attempting to annex Southern Kytrap rather than uniting them.

Southern Kytrap[edit | edit source]

Southern Kytrap was led by CraftedPatryk, which didn't have any supporters, because of its controversial decisions throughout the conflict. Unlike Northern Kytrap, CraftedPatryk established an authoritarian regime in Southern Kytrap, that was seeking for annexation of Northern Kytrap, Clearly, it demonstrated his ideas and wishes of expansionism, fortunately, they failed.

Cause[edit | edit source]

The Kytrap wall built by CraftedPatryk, May 6th 2021. (screenshot belongs to Gamer0127)

The scandals that happened between Gamer0127 and CraftedPatryk led to further escalations of the conflict. As CraftedPatryk had more power in Kytrap, it angered Gamer0127 about what to do with the town, therefore, he seceded from the main Kytrap town. As response, CraftedPatryk built a cobblestone wall, separating Kytrap into two halves, on May 6th 2021. Because of the positions on Dynmap, the territories were named "Northern Kytrap" and "Southern Kytrap".

Antebellum period[edit | edit source]

Meaning before the war, tensions went further. After the building of the Kytrap wall, Mixarium led to a response by signing a treaty with Northern Kytrap on May 7th, 2021. It was named "The reciprocal treaty", that meant helping each other. On that same day, a few other people mentioned their support for Northern Kytrap indirectly, by expressing their dislikes towards the leader of Southern Kytrap. On May 8th, hours before the war, Aztekphetamine, mayor of Frisia, signed a treaty with Northern Kytrap as well, and founded NKSO, standing for "Northern Kytrap Supporters Organization".

Kytrap war
Date of war May 8th, 2021, at 5:10 PM UTC
Duration of war 1 hour and 33 minutes
Result of war Northern Kytrap victory
Northern Kytrap
Supported by:
Southern Kytrap

Didn't have any supporters
Gamer0127, Northern Kytrap leader
Mixarium, Mathoholmul leader
Aztekphetamine, Frisia leader
Florx_Lord, Atlantis leader
Southern Kytrap leader

Kytrap war[edit | edit source]

Minutes before the war, several important people have come to Northern Kytrap, some as spectators, like Gustawus. Florx_Lord was present too. Other people were mohtaditox151, YTpro, who were neutral, but were siding with Northern Kytrap, to an extent.

During those minutes, Gamer0127 was absent. Initially, it was planned to keep peace between the territories, so that talks could be held between the two leaders for reunification. Minutes later, plans change, and Mixarium decides that CraftedPatryk should rather be exiled, because of his previous actions on the server, way before the foundation of Kytrap. Therefore, annexation of Southern Kytrap is concluded. The first kill happened when Florx_Lord detonated a TNT block, while typing in chat: "Viva la revolution". Video footage can be found here.

Several minutes after that, the reinforced wall splitting Kytrap was taken down by Mixarium, leading to the raiding of Southern Kytrap. Both sides experienced griefing, with mohtaditox151 griefing several buildings on Southern Kytrap, and CraftedPatryk griefing a building from Northern Kytrap.

In the end, CraftedPatryk would announce his surrender to Northern Kytrap, ending the war after circa 1.5 hours. Victory could be declared for the northern side of Kytrap.

Florx_Lord continues confronting CraftedPatryk. May 8th 2021, 5:18 PM UTC.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

PolarBear123's grief on New Kytrap, observed from Dynmap, December 23rd, 2021.

CraftedPatryk quit Puucraft on Map 10, after several weeks. Xodus, username ProPlayer998, promised that he would fix the griefs which had happened in Kytrap. Despite that, not all of the buidlings were exactly restored. Remains of the war are existent on the Map 10 archive. This can be noticed by the many signs placed at the location of where the wall used to be, after the destruction of it.

On Map 11, New Kytrap was founded, and a memorial was built for the Kytrap war on Map 10.

Around the month of December, a massive grief occurred on New Kytrap, which may have involved the Kytrap memorial being destroyed. It happened on December 23rd, 2021, the griefer being PolarBear123. It was highly speculated that it may have been CraftedPatryk doing a small return to grief New Kytrap, since the user publicly said in chat that "its me Crafted in disguise", while also calling Gamer0127 an idiot. Nothing else was heard from him ever since. The grief was reverted quickly after.