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One of the few images of Level 1
One of only a few images of Level 3

The Puucraft Backrooms, commonly shortened to the Puurooms, is a massive and randomly segmented empty room maze located in Puucraft. It is impossible to get in on Vanilla Survival unless you got teleported in, or were punished by staff. It is inspired on the real-life counterpart, The Backrooms, a post on 4chan in 2019.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Puurooms consists of several levels, and 750,000 walkable blocks, or about the same size as Brixworth's world guard. The entire of the maze is coated with a layer of bedrock to prevent anyone from breaking in or out. Players unfortunate to get inside the maze are unable to use commands, preventing them from using teleportation by themselves to escape.

In a given moment where a staff is online, a player can get teleported to a completely random spot in the Puurooms. It is also possible that certain areas and rooms get blocked off, resulting in some areas to become inaccessible. The music disc 13 might also play.

Levels[edit | edit source]

Level 1: The Puurooms[edit | edit source]

Known as just The Puurooms, it consists of 250,000 walkable blocks, sandstone walls, yellow wool carpet, and a snowblock/glowstone ceiling. Most players that end up in this level will first start out here. It features some special rooms such as the library, furnace room, a pool room and the bread room. There are also several obsidian blocks with levers on top of them. However, all of them do nothing, except one. A certain one with an unknown location will temporarily allow the player to gain access to the Fun Purple Tunnel room. Level 1 also consists of many small corridors, and many big rooms. Around 12% of Level 1 has been mapped. For many players that have had experience in Level 1 can consider this level as a gateway to get to other levels, as getting to other levels is most common in this level, compared to others. Players in this level have also spotted animals down hallways and corridors to be running around. Most commonly, pigs. When players attempt to follow these animals, they end up disappearing around corners.

Level 2: Poolrooms[edit | edit source]

Known as Poolcore or the Poolrooms consists of another 250,000 walkable blocks. Unlike level 1, level 2 is much more open. However, it is more difficult to navigate as players have to swim through the level. The water is only 1 block deep, so it is impossible for players to escape by drowning. The Poolrooms feature some staircases leading to different rooms of the Puurooms, or even different levels. Despite what we know, 0% of the Poolrooms have been mapped. The only 2 ways to enter The Poolrooms is to take the Fun Purple Tunnel from Level 1, or get teleported.

Level 3: The Basement[edit | edit source]

The level's appearance is in the name. 250,000 walkable blocks of a basement made of stone, cobblestone, and occasionally mossy cobble. The level is not very open, similar to Level 1, however much worse. And the level is dimly lit, but mobs do not spawn. There is very little information about this level, and the only 2 ways to exit this level is to find The Hole which is a hole that takes you back to Level 1, or to get teleported to Level 1 or Level 2. 0.06% of Level 3 has been mapped. Based on experiences in Level 3, you might go insane. Every room is extremely blocked off, making it very challenging for multiple players in this level to meet up. The Hole, which is found in this level, is very tucked away in a certain area in the level, and unless you are making an effort to find it, you will never find it. Level 3 is difficult to get to (1/120 teleportation chance), as you can only get there by teleportation from any of the other levels, however, it is most common to end up here from Level 1. Level 3 is also very difficult to exit, whether that means to get back to the over-world, or to another level. Through teleportation, you have a (1/195 teleportation chance) to get to any of the other levels. It is said that Level 3 is the worst level to be in.

Level 4: Factory[edit | edit source]

This level is very unknown, and appears to be taking place in a newer version of Minecraft, as it contains walls made of iron bars throughout the level. The level is built out of stone floors, brick/iron bar walls, and a stone slab/glowstone ceiling. The overall size of this level is unknown, but based on the similar style to Level 1, it can be assumed that this level is about the same size, if not larger. The only known way to enter this level is to take an elevator from Level 1.

Level 5: Office[edit | edit source]

This level, along with Level 4 is very unknown. The overall theme of this level appears to be similar to that of an office building, containing bright walls made of clay and quartz, and is very open, unlike Level 1 and Level 3, containing only a few pillars and walls. This level also contains windows, however when looking out these windows, the only thing that can be seen is bright, blue void. Based on the found footage, this level seems to be smaller compared to the other levels, but this is unknown. The only known way to enter this level is to walk down an extremely long hallway from Level 4.

Level 6: Palace[edit | edit source]

This level, along with Levels 4 and 5, is very unknown. The overall theme of this level appears to be some sort of palace or cathedral, with walls made out of sandstone, and grand floors made of wood and what is assumed to be concrete. There is also many chandeliers made of fence and lanterns. Because of this, it is confirmed that certain levels are in different versions. This level is brightly lit, but it seems quite closed off, with very few large, open rooms. Most of the level appears to contain hallways. This level, based on its closed off style, similar to Levels 1, 3, and 4 can be assumed that it is very large. The only known way to enter this level is by taking a dark, stone stair well from Level 5.

Level 7: Ocean[edit | edit source]

This level, is the least known level out of all the discovered levels. It appears to be a massive, water filled level, containing only water and sky. As nothing but water can be seen across the horizon, it is assumed that this level is the largest level discovered yet. However, this is not confirmed. Based on found footage, it is unknown if there are any forms of landmass. The only known way to enter is level, is by glitching through the floor in Level 6, however it may be possible that you can enter this level in all of the other levels.

Level 8: False Over-world (Unconfirmed)[edit | edit source]

The name of this level speaks for itself. It is the over-world, except fake. It's size isn't very big, as the player trapped in this level was surrounded by mountains, all of which were visible on the Far render distance. However, there is something off with this level. The player trapped in here reported that no animals were in sight. To go along with this, it was day the entire time, and the player was allowed to build and place, but not able to use commands. The only source of existence we have of this level is through text, but no screenshots, so this level cannot be confirmed to be in the list of levels. One disturbing thing we read in the text, is that a section of Level 1 may generate, and if the player steps into this section, the mountains expand and seal off the player from daylight, trapping them in darkness.

If you manage to get to Level 8, please document as much as possible. (voice clips, screenshots, etc.).

Lore[edit | edit source]

The lone folk stuck inside[edit | edit source]

"If you're not careful and noclip out of Puucraft in the wrong areas, you'll end up in the Puurooms, where it's nothing but the stink of old moist wool, the madness of mono-sandstone, the endless background noise of Glowstone at maximum hum-buzz, and approximately 750,000 square meters of randomly segmented empty rooms to be trapped in. God save you if you see someone's name tag nearby, because they sure as hell have seen yours."

The person canonically still stuck in the Puurooms, is Florx_Lord (Florx). Florx was last seen on July 29th, 2022, and has not left the game since. He is unable to chat with anybody, and is unable to leave the game, or get kicked/banned from the moderators. His current playtime is 3,250 hours. The only know we know that Florx is trapped in the Puurooms is through a camcorder found in a ditch near the town of Bluemont. The camcorder's film contained video filmed by Florx, and the video contains 4 new levels, never seen before.

Found Footage[edit | edit source]

On July 29th, 2022, a camcorder near the town of Bluemont was discovered in a small dirt ditch. When the film was developed and started, a 7 minute and 36 second long video started to play, recorded by Florx_Lord. The video contains no audio, however, subtitles were enabled during the recording, allowing us to hear who we assume Florx talking, as well as some eerie and disturbing background audio.

During the recording, around a minute in, Florx takes a turn into a dark corridor, that is dimly lit by redstone torches. After walking around, Florx finds an elevator (This location has never been documented or seen by the builders). Surprisingly, the elevator did work, and it ended up taking Florx to an entirely, new, and unknown level, containing a stone floor, brick walls, and occasionally walls made of iron bars. However, iron bars were added in Beta 1.8, making this bizzare. After walking around for a long time, Florx finds an iron door that leads to an extremely long hallway, made out of quartz and clay block walls. The hallway eventually leads to an office building style room and contains windows that view out to nothing. According to the subtitles, jet noises from an airplane can be heard. After wandering around, Florx finds another door that leads to a stairwell.

When Florx exits the stairwell, he is found to be in a massive mansion/cathedral style building containing modern blocks such as lanterns, and what is assumed to be concrete blocks. After walking around for a while, he fell through one of the floors, and ended up in a massive water/ocean style level, featuring nothing but water surrounding him. Then, the recording ended.

When the footage was shown to TBoneX07 and bluecrafter07, neither of them recognized any of the levels, other than the very beginning of the video.

The Escape[edit | edit source]

It is assumed that every player that has once entered the Puucraft Backrooms, will eventually leave. As it happens, a player would get teleported to what would be just another random spot in the Puurooms. However, upon wandering for a few moments, the player turned and saw the Overworld down a hallway. As they walked out of the hallway into the Overworld outside and turned around to see the hallway, it was just a cliffside. No sign of the Puurooms whatsoever.

Other players have experienced similar ways of escape. These include:

- A hallway leading into the middle of a lake.

- A corridor ending in a field, when turning around, a huge wall of sandstone going up to the height limit can be seen.

- A section of the Puucraft Backrooms crumbling apart in the middle of the sky.

- Random teleportation back into the overworld in a field or ocean

- Random teleportation back into the overworld from the sky

- A section of the Puucraft Backrooms spawning in the middle of nowhere, being able to be mined by the player.

Escape[edit | edit source]

So far, there is only one way to exit the Puurooms, and that way is to get teleported into a position where you can get back out.

Longest Stay Inside[edit | edit source]

The record amount of time from being teleported into the Puurooms to escaping it is TheXLMinecrafter, who spent from January 3rd 2023 to January 13th 2023 inside.

The previous record holder was MauveTheHunter, who spent from July 26th 2022 to August 3rd 2022 trapped inside.

(Most players typically spend anywhere from 5 minutes to 2-3 hours in the Puurooms. Some even longer)

The Gateway[edit | edit source]

In February 2023, footage of the Puucraft Backrooms was leaked by an unknown player. The footage dates back to September 2022, where the PuuTech testing facility open up a portal to the Puucraft Backrooms, labeled "the Gateway". The portal is open for a few moments, and during that time, 3 scientists enter the Gateway. Shortly after, however, the Gateway is sealed. The Gateway draws a tremendous amount of power, and can only be open for 45 minutes at a time before the power can be regenerated. After nearly 7 hours, 2 of the 3 scientists were recovered and were unharmed. 1, however, according to the tape has yet to be found. The tape displayed several minutes worth of unsettling footage, and some completely new, unseen locations/levels.

Because of this, we now know that players can enter the Puucraft Backrooms without no-clipping or getting banished by staff. The Gateway is in an unknown location at PuuTech's testing facility, which is heavily zoned off and barricaded 24/7.

If you ever find the unknown player who got lost in the Puucraft Backrooms, please notify the Puucraft staff team immediately.