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xodus's or ProPlayer998 skin on NameMC as of March 4 2023

ProPlayer998 or CEO of Springles (alias xodus) is a PuuCraft player, who is known for being keen at PvP and somtimes at building/fixing buildings. He joined on March 3rd 2019 but his most active time was on October 28th 2020. The activity is sometimes low even on PuuCraft discord server. Is a resident on 3 towns (Brixworth, Bluemont and Map 11,5). In February 2024, he rejoined the server and became more active. Also at this time, he moved to another town, being Map 11,5.

On Map 10:

On Map 11:

  • Resident in Brixworth, Bluemont and Map 11,5
  • Winner of Siege event (1st place)
  • Winner of Christmas building competition (3rd place)
  • Winner of Summer building competition (1st place) with Existing Player
  • Contributing on building more channels for boat transportation with Mixarium
  • Contributing on revamping RTU railway infrastructure

On Map 12:

  • Coming soon...

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