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Coat of Arms of Krawiec
The coat of arms of Krawiec shows a golden shield displaying a crow bearing a golden crown.

Krawiec or the Holy City of Krawiec is a town on Map 11 (More specifically Map Puulands) created by Aztekphetamine. Its located in the south eastern Krawiec Valley, a corner of Puulands and streches from the nearby coast to the border of the map. Its name comes from the Polish word krawędź which roughly translates to the edge of a geomatrical form in English.

While the town has yet to be finished, many buildings have already been planned such as a church, a train station, a bank and several other houses and shops across the city. Other members of Puulands also contribute to the project such as Gustawus.

Krawiec is an independent theocracy run by Aztekphetamine as the head of state. A theocracy is a form of government in which a church or otherwise religious institution runs the state. In the case of Krawiec, the bishop of the city church runs the state.