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A view of Southern Downtown Bluemont from Lakeshore Street

Bluemont is a town on Puucraft's 11th map, founded by bluecrafter07. Located on a large island at coordinates 200 X -3900 Z, the town is modeled after an 19th-20th century American city. Bluemont also serves as one of Map 11's shopping hubs, with almost every building featuring something to sell. Neighboring towns include Kedeville to the west, and Renderdale beyond that.

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

Bluemont was founded on August 16 2021 at 9:40 AM EST (1:40 PM UTC) with the placing of the first seawall block. After bluecrafter's failure to finish the city of Crafterburg on Map 10, it was decided to tone back the scope of the next town to a more reasonable level. Therefore, the town was envisioned as a successor to Blue Town on Map 9, but at a slightly larger scale.

The Big Dig[edit | edit source]

Before being settled, Bluemont island was a very hilly place. As such, the island needed to be flattened in order to support structures. On August 24 2022, bluecrafter07 gathered players on the server to participate in a competition to dig out the lower half of downtown. Everyone worked diligently to dig out the area over a period of about 6 hours, and received rewards for what they had dug.

The placings in the competition are as follows:

  1. Virdux - 130.5 stacks
  2. Existing_Player - 108.5 stacks
  3. DarkRobster - 68.5 stacks
  4. Gustawus - 31.5 stacks
  5. Crispy8B - 27 stacks
  6. MiningYourOres - 26.5 stacks

Planting of the Town Tree[edit | edit source]

Bluemont did not have an actual name until September 4 2021, when the town tree was planted. Over time, the town tree has grown from a small sapling to a large tree with spreading branches, as seen below.

* Bluemont's Town Square and Town Tree as seen from the Community Center

Despite what the given name may suggest, Bluemont has no French influence.

Notable Structures (In order of construction)[edit | edit source]

Bluemont Station

Located on the northwest corner of town square, the train station contains Bluemont's warp and rail connections to the RTU's main east line, which passes just to the north of the city.

Bluemont Town Hall

Located on the southeast corner of town square, town hall contains the mayor's office, Map 11's only court room, and building regulations.

PuuNews Bluemont HQ

Notable for its large size, PuuNews Bluemont HQ keeps Bluemont updated on the latest happenings around the server.

Bluecrafter Burgers

Bluecrafter Burgers' Bluemont restaurant is their main one, known for serving make-it-yourself burgers at moderately high prices.

Bluemont Library

Located on the southwest corner of town square, the library contains three floors of well-decorated reading space, a lounge, and a computer lab.

S.S. Swordfish

The S.S. Swordfish is a large destroyer-class vessel built by GopnikMcBlin that is moored at neighboring Fort McBlin Naval Station. It protects Bluemont from foreign threat.

Bluemont Pier

Located at the terminus of 4th St., the pier features beach-themed shops, a ferris wheel, and a rollercoaster.

Bluemont Museum

Located on the corner of 1st St. and Oak St., the museum contains artwork and fossils, as well as an astronomy exhibit in the basement.

Lake Bluemont Bascule Bridge

This bridge connects Bluemont Island to the eastern peninsula, and Fort McBlin. Its central span can open to allow for the passage of large vessels like the S.S. Swordfish.

Mont Bleu

While not really "constructed", Mont Bleu is the highest natural point on Bluemont Island, located southwest of downtown. It features an observation tower allowing visitors to peak over the trees and see the sights.

Darkhacker's Cathedral

This large church serves as the center of Bluemont's religion, The Church of DarkHacker. Designed by Gustawus, the church features ornate walls and ceilings along with a replica of DarkHacker's original house from map 9 in the temple room underneath.

Bluemont Mall and Community Center

This building features several shop spaces alongside rooms that can be used for town events and meetings.

Infrastructure[edit | edit source]

A map of Bluemont Island as of June 2022

Bluemont's streets are organized in a rectangular grid pattern.

Starting from the west, North-South streets are as follows:

  • North St.
  • Oak St.
  • Main St.
  • Lakeshore St. / Brixworth Rd.
  • Gop's military base street (name coming soon)

East-West streets in downtown follow a numerical ordering system. Starting from the south, East-West streets are as follows:

  • Lakeshore St.
  • Spruce St.
  • Birch St.
  • Crafter St.
  • 1st St.
  • 2nd St.
  • 3rd St.
  • 4th St.
  • 5th St.
  • Renderdale Rd.

Bluemont is also connected to both of Map 11's main rail systems, the RTU through the main east line and the TWR, via a junction at the RTU east line's Renderdale exit.

List of Residents and Contributors[edit | edit source]

Permanent Residents (live in the city)

Residents (own a house/apartment in the city)

Contributors (built/own something in the city)