Blue Town

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Blue Town
Render of Blue Town made using Chunky.
Founded on 7 February 2019
City Leader bluecrafter07
A view of Blue Town from Bluecrafter Island

Blue Town was a town on Puucraft's 9th map founded by bluecrafter07 on February 7 2019. As bluecrafter was new to the server and reluctant to interact with the community, Blue Town was built very far away from spawn, later resulting in the creation of one of the longest overworld railroad connections on map 9, which formed a quadripoint junction with railroads leading to Sunnyside, Greenvalley, and Spawn.

History[edit | edit source]

A surviving map of Blue Town at the end of Map 9. The text on top of it was for a planned tour of the server that did not happen

Construction of the town was started with the bridge to Bluecrafter Island. The island was originally supposed to hold the entire town, but bluecrafter later realized it would be too small, leading to an expansion onto the mainland.

Blue Town also saw limited success as a shopping area, with many buildings featuring items to sell. As bluecrafter warmed up to the community, more players were allowed to contribute to Blue Town, leading to the creation of structures like ATC's Meat Store.

Notable Structures[edit | edit source]

While extensive plans were drawn up for the town, only a small amount would actually be built on the server. Some notable buildings include:

  • Blue Town Town Hall
    • The center of the town, containing administrative services and a courtroom, along with a very overscaled clock tower.
  • Brick Plaza
    • Located between Main St. and Train St., the plaza featured a fountain and trees, along with connections to the four surrounding businesses.
  • Blue Town Station
    • Located on the side of a hill to the northwest of town, the station brought passengers from spawn into the town.
  • Pinehurst Apartments
    • This four-story building allowed for others to make and decorate a home in Blue Town. It saw limited success, with a few of its apartments being purchased.
  • Vassili's Submarine
    • A submarine built by Vassili_The_Slav (now known as GopnikMcBlin) to the west of town. Its decommission ceremony with TNT marked the beginning of map 9's end.
  • South Bridge
    • A large suspension bridge located to the south of town that led to the Arc de House.
  • Par Tyull Naet Dance Club
    • Located underground, this club featured a working dance floor, inspired by the Hi-NRG club in Lakeside.
  • DarkHunter's Chapel
    • A small church built in honor of DarkHacker, complete with a working organ on the second floor balcony.
  • Blue Town Penetiary
    • Blue Town's police station, whose name was spelt wrong. It featured offices for moderators of the server and a small jail with an exercise yard.
  • Blue Town Park
    • Located on the southwest corner of town square, the park featured branching paths, lush vegetation, docks for fishing, and a small pond.
  • Blue Town Port
    • The port gave a place for players to dock their boats while visiting blue town. A small freighter, the S.S. Almatia, was also moored in front of it.

List of Residents and Contributors[edit | edit source]

Permanent Residents (live in the city)

Many players contributed to Blue Town without living in it, but their names were never recorded.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

The town of Bluemont on Map 11 is intended to be a better version of Blue Town, with expanded streets and more detailed buildings at larger scale.