The Church of DarkHacker

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The Church of DarkHacker, formerly known as The Church of DarkHunter, is Puucraft's oldest active religion[1], formed around the sacrifice of DarkHacker to make his holy house on map 9.

History[edit | edit source]

Puucraft chat upon discovery of the house, zoom in to read

On January 17 2019, DarkHacker joined Puucraft for the first time. Sometime between then and March 1 2019, he would construct his house and leave the server for 2 months, before changing his username to DarkAlbert on May 5 2019. He would also play once on August 5 2019, before leaving Puucraft forever. 9 days after his first disappearance, on March 10 2019, Scurax would find his house while wandering the forest, encouraging players like theweakguy48 (Weakypedia), bluecrafter07, Amph and mrbengtsson to investigate. Quickly, the group agreed that the house was a mastery of all things minecraft, featuring ornate construction down to the pixel, decorated in an indescribably beautiful way. A second house was also discovered nearby, featuring only walls and a roof.

A picture taken of the first holy house on map 9, with the three beds missing

Following its discovery, bluecrafter07 would construct a grand cathedral around the first house and a flower garden around the second. He would also mark it on the server dynmap, and build a rail line to it. Visitors could leave signs around the bottom of the cathedral's main hall to signify that they had visited.

Following the reset to Map 10, a dark time for the church began, due in part to bluecrafter's hiatus from the server. However, a replica of the house was built next to spawn with a sign telling Puucraft not to forget. Much to the annoyance of the mods, the beds in the replica kept getting stolen, leading to countless replacements being needed.

Map 11 saw a revival of the church with bluecrafter's return, and the construction of a new cathedral in Bluemont. However, competition with Arveism, a new and growing religion, has sparked some controversy in recent times.

The Houses[edit | edit source]

The First House[edit | edit source]

A replica of the first house created in Bluemont

DarkHacker's house consists of a 4x5 wooden plank floor with a one block extension on the eastern side. On top of this extended block is the house's door. The southeast corner of the house also features three beds joined together with pillows facing south, creating a large 2x3 surface. The structure has no walls or a roof.

The entire structure was built with much intricacy and detail, rivaling the skill of even the best builders on Puucraft. Looking closer at the structure reveals that much care and thought was put into its design, with many elements of the house symbolizing various ideas.

The first house was built into the cathedral and surrounded by admins with a ring of diamond blocks. Crossing this ring and entering the house is strictly forbidden, and will result in punishment. The diamond ring was then surrounded in a sea of torches that conform to the natural landscape of the area, as it also proves significant to the house's design philosophy.

The Second House[edit | edit source]

A replica of the second house created in Bluemont

DarkHacker's second house was found nearby the first, a few dozen blocks to the east. While less important overall to the religion, this house still shows extreme architectural beauty and expert craftsmanship. The second house is an inverse of the first, featuring only walls and a roof, with no door or flooring. The second house measures 7 by 7 blocks, with a 3 block tall wall, leaving 2 blocks of height in the interior. It also featured a 1x2 doorway at the center of a wall to enter. As the second house's western side was one block longer, putting it together with the first house would result in a small gap of grass on the inside. The meaning of this is currently unknown.

The second house, while not included inside of the cathedral, still recieved a large flower garden and paths to admire it.

The second house may not be a work of DarkHacker, however, as mrbengtsson mentioned near the finding of the first house that "this one was not made by him", shortly after block-IDing the first house. It is unclear whether he was talking about this structure or not.

Structure of the Church[edit | edit source]

The church is headed by bluecrafter07, GopnikMcBlin, and Scurax. Despite being at the first discovery, mrbengtsson and Amph are not part of the main body due to their disinterest and inactivity respectively. Weakypedia is not part of the main body due to his conversion to Arveism sometime in 2021.

Notable Monuments[edit | edit source]

Several structures dedicated to DarkHacker's house have been built around the server on several maps. These include:

The interior of DarkHunter's Chapel, showing where the three beds should be positioned in the house.

Map 9[edit | edit source]

  • DarkHunter's Cathedral, built by bluecrafter07 over the original house
  • The Arc de House, built by Vassili_The_Slav, a replica of the Arc de triomphe in Paris dedicated to DarkHacker
  • DarkHunter's chapel, built in Blue Town by bluecrafter07 as a secondary place of worship

Map 10[edit | edit source]

Map 11[edit | edit source]

  • DarkHacker's Cathedral in Bluemont.
    DarkHacker's Cathedral, designed by Gustawus and built in Bluemont by bluecrafter07 as the new center of the church

The Great Name Blunder[edit | edit source]

Shortly after discovering DarkHacker's house, blue mistakenly called him DarkHunter in one message. unfortunately, as the name DarkHacker was only briefly mentioned before this, that name stuck with Puucraft for three years until blue realized his mistake on May 13 2022. This is why older aspects of the church are honored to DarkHunter, not DarkHacker.

  1. Please note: All "religions" on Puucraft are jokes, we're not lunatics.