Bluecrafter Burgers

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Bluecrafter Burgers' main location in Bluemont
A screenshot from bluecrafter's sister's account showing the very first bluecrafter burgers (stone brick building on the left), taken on November 13 2014

Bluecrafter Burgers is a fast food franchise owned and run by bluecrafter07. While the business has only existed on Puucraft's 11th map (and as a planned building for Blue Town on Map 9), its history goes much further back, spanning multiple creative servers and private worlds going back over eight years.

The Bluecrafter Burgers menu consists of buns (Bread) for $1.00 each and patties (Cooked Porkchop) for $1.50 each, allowing customers to buy what they want and make their own burgers. Larger restaurants also feature fish patties (Cooked Fish), which are sold for $1.75 each.

As of the typing of this article, the chain currently has seven locations in the following cities: