Railway Trade Union

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Railway Trade Union
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Establishment date 12 August 2021
Status as of
October 2nd 2022
Only Mixarium
remains active
for now

Railway Trade Union, also known by its initials, RTU, is a Map 11 Puucraft community project, specializing in railway transportation. It was initiated on the same day as the transition from Map 10 to Map 11 on August 12th 2021.

First involvements[edit | edit source]

Digging progress of the RTU station, August 13th 2021.
RTU station as of June 25th, 2022.

Main users who are involved in the project and have made significant progress to it are Corpse_, Crispy8B and Mixarium. Though because this is deemed as a community project, anyone can participate if they wish.

From August 12th to August 15th 2021, the first step of building the RTU station was the circle that would represent it. Three days later, the digging process was finished.

Lines and Connected Cities[edit | edit source]

The RTU is comprised of four main branches, with one going in each cardinal direction, radiating out from the central hub at spawn.

In order, stops on the northern line include:

In order, stops on the eastern line include:

In order, stops on the southern line include:

In order, stops on the western line include:

Controversy[edit | edit source]

Originally, the four main lines were intended to be entirely bridges. However, they were changed into underground tunnels while near spawn due to complaints of the western line ruining bluecrafter07's spawn house view.