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Kingasdfg's in-game player model.

Kingasdfg is a player on Puucraft's maps 10 and 11. First joining the server on May 22nd, 2020, he quickly began contributing, founding Tazmily Village on the next day, and, along with savagellama1, buying Madison for a total of $48[1] on May 27th. On August 24th, he made plans to create an airport in Skyburgh, which eventually culminated in the creation of an entire district. In September 2020, his account was compromised and password-changed, meaning he had to play on cracked launchers for several months until he created a new MC account, and still can only play by using MultiMC in offline mode. On Map 11, he became inactive for several months after a brief period of activity at the start of the map, which included building the new map's first railway connection, from Renderdale to Kedeville. He has since returned, creating several more buildings in Kedeville as well as doing some minor work in others' towns such as Brixworth.

They are present on the Puucraft wiki, at User:Kingasdfg.

  1. Both players paid $24 each for joint ownership of the town.