New Romania

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New Romania is a Map 11 town, founded on January 7th, 2022. It's a New Hungary-inspired town built by Mixarium.

Noteworthy Locations[edit | edit source]

New Hungarian Embassy

An embassy of New Hungary, built by Mixarium. It has the Hungarian and the Romanian flag on it.

Crappy Replica of the Infinite Column

A pillar made out of cobblestone, stretching to the build limit.

Vlad the Dracula Ripoff Spikes

4 people are pierced by spikes, these being mothadithox151, CapitanRiccone, CraftedPatryk and SuetamM_. There are also descriptions provided under the names, and they state the following (translated from Romanian): "mohtaditox151, one of the most toxic people of the community"; "CapitanRiccone, leader of the Italian mafia"; "CraftedPatryk, the biggest war criminal"; "SuetamM_, almost killed Mixarium"

Train Station

A train station, connecting New Romania and New Hungary (and consequently connecting it to the TWR Salton Springs line.)