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Brixworth is a large city in Map 11, led by the player Gustawus. It's located at coordinates -4500x -4000z, in the north-west direction from spawn, according to the sun. The city is mostly inspired by 19th century German, Polish and Czech cities, such as Wrocław, Warsaw, Berlin, Prague and Cologne and it contains many real life buildings from those, as well as the other cities. Brixworth as a city on Puucraft has started on August 13th 2021, but it's been already planned for a few months.

Name[edit | edit source]

The city got its current name in early June of 2021, after an English town - Brixworth. Although it was and in fact still is just a temporary name that may change at any moment.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

The idea of building a city that would later be known as Brixworth has first appeared on August of 2021, while Gustawus was working on the Hammerfall Cathedral. At first it was supposed to be similar to the Imperial City by Rigolo, that is one of the most popular Minecraft maps ever, with over a million downloads. However, no buildings were built, or plans made until June 20th, 2021.

Brixworth Parliament project, built on a creative world by Gustawus.

Early planning[edit | edit source]

It began in May of 2021, when Gustawus and Gamer0127 had the idea of building a town. But after a few controversys with other members of the planning, Gamer0127 left the project.

On June 20th 2021, the Brixworth Parliament was built on Gustawus's creative world. It was the first building ever designed for the city and it's now located by the Hungarian street. However, back then there were no streets yet planned, only few buildings of which only two made their way to the actual server, those being the Parliament, and the Triumphal Arch.

Full list of the buildings built on the creative world before map 11 has started:

  • Parliament
  • Triumphal Arch
  • Mixarium's Palace
  • Colosseo
  • Train Station
  • Gardens
  • Gustawus Palace
  • Brixmall
Mixarium (took the screenshot), Gustawus, minipasila and ImpassiveTomb at the Brixworth port, August 15th, 2021.

Early days of map 11[edit | edit source]

Before the building started, Brixworth northern lands were full of mountains that needed to be dug out first. On August 13th Gustawus, Mixarium, TheXLMinecrafter and later Xodus have started digging and gathering all the resources needed for the very first place in Brixworth that was built on the server - the Port. The main building of the port was finished just a day after and as soon as 17th August, the first port tower, along with the eastern colonnade were finished. Afterwards, the progress at building the port has slowed down a lot, due to Gustawus focusing on building his entry for the Map 11 Building competition. He finished his entry at August 28th, and went back to preparing the terrain for new builds.

The first tenement built on the Eastern avenue, September 1st 2021.

The Eastern Avenue[edit | edit source]

On August 31st 2021 the first set of tenements for Brixworth city was built. This was the beginning of the Eastern Avenue, the first Brixworth street, originaly known as l'avenue de imposter. The street kept growing as new tenements were made at south from the port. Nowadays the Eastern Avenue connects the unfinished port with the Triumphal arch and is counted among the longest streets in Brixworth.

Tenements built on the Eastern avenue in late September of 2021.

During this period TheXLMinecrafter, Mixarium and xodus/ProPlayer998 along with Gustawus have flattened a big area for the new streets, of which the most well known are the Hungarian street, the Silesian street and the still nameless street connecting the Eastern Avenue with the parliament. Gustawus has built a lot of tenements, some of which have been sold to various players who were allowed to work on the interiors themselves. On October 10th 2021, the construction of the Brixworth parliament has started, however it wasn't finished until the end of the year 2021 due to Gustawus focusing on his other puucraft project - the Christmas town.