New Bubbletown

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New Bubbletown is an urban city located northeast of spawn. It was founded as soon as Map 11 launched on August 12th 2021 by TBoneX07 and salthepal128.

New Bubbletown
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A Chunky render of New Bubbletown.
Founded on 12 August 2021
City Leaders TBoneX07, salthepal128

Information[edit | edit source]

A screenshot of Bubbletown featuring the Downtown district of Burghian, Bubblebridge, and Bubblelake

Some of the most notable and iconic structures in the city are Bubblebridge, Bubblemall, Measan Stadium, Bubble Needle Observatory and others. For around the first 3 months of Map 11, New Bubbletown was under control by the New Bubbletown Authority which was run by bubbleGuy192. The New Bubbletown Authority eventually shut down in November 6th 2021 after TBoneX07 kicked bubbleGuy192 out of power and took over.

History[edit | edit source]

Early Beginnings[edit | edit source]

New Bubbletown started out in a flat and hilly area near spawn. TBoneX07 established the city after building a cobblestone border on the shores of the town, and put signs around saying that New Bubbletown was established. The first buildings to go up were the PuuPath Inc. Headquarters, MiningYourOres's brick tower and Bubblemall, all located in the Downtown district of Burghian. Bubblemall's influence helped expand the city due to the traffic of players coming in to purchase people's stuff. After a while the city was abandoned due to bubbleGuy192's harsh treatment toward the New Bubbletown Authority and the lack of motivation.

A panorama of the early construction of New Bubbletown in Map 11, taken in 14 August 2021.

New Era[edit | edit source]

After bubbleGuy192 was removed from the New Bubbletown Authority and Puucraft in November of 2021, TBoneX07 and salthepal128 got rid of the New Bubbletown Authority and began go expand the city, building around 20 new skyscrapers in 7 days, and expanding further out into the Downtown district of Mesome and the Uptown districts of Sarnic and Measan. This new era of New Bubbletown was much more peaceful and quaint as bubbleGuy192 was no longer around to boss people around.

New Bubbletown Authority[edit | edit source]

The New Bubbletown Authority was created by bubbleGuy192 to plan out and manage his new, next map project, New Bubbletown. The New Bubbletown Authority featured people such as bubbleGuy192, TBoneX07 and many of bubbleGuy192's friends who had no correlation to Puucraft. This caused a lot of controversy amongst the New Bubbletown Authority, and due to the demanding and bossy attitude from bubbleGuy192, construction and motivation in the city slowed and deteriorated. TBoneX07 and salthepal128 asked bubbleGuy192 to make the New Bubbletown Authority more balanced, and bubbleGuy192 agreed. On the 17th of October 2021, bubbleGuy192 made the new authority which was comprised of the main city owners as well as some builders that helped with the city. However, despite this more balanced feature, bubbleGuy192 was still very demanding and adamant about what he wanted built and how he wanted it. Because of this, TBoneX07 unfortunately had to remove bubbleGuy192 out of the New Bubbletown Authority as well as the project. After this, the New Bubbletown Authority was closed and was replaced with the New Bubbletown Discord.

Shorts & Tidbits

Since New Bubbletown is such a staple on Puucraft, it’s bound to have special things made about it.

Florx’s Bubbletown shorts

Florx_Lord is well known for his drawings and shorts on the server, an he has made two shorts about bubbletown.

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Districts and Regions[edit | edit source]

In total, there are 6 districts. Burghian, Mesome, Measan, Sarnic, Coastantia and Lakeshore. The largest region is Coastantia and is mostly comprised of the water of Bubblelake. Coastantia borders all 5 other districts. The smallest region is Mesome, which borders Burghian, Sarnic and Coastantia.

Bubbletown's most dense district is Burghian, and the second most dense district is Mesome. Burghian and Mesome are the two districts in the Downtown region. Sarnic, Lakeshore, Measan and most of Coastantia are located in the Uptown region. Downtown regions are mostly comprised of skyscrapers and tall buildings, and the Uptown regions are mostly comprised of homes, apartment buildings, and small towers.

Notable Builds[edit | edit source]

Some notable builds throughout the city include:


built by TBoneX07 and salthepal128 and took about a month to build. It is the largest Suspension Bridge in Map 11 and possibly the largest Suspension Bridge ever on Puucraft.

Measan Stadium

a massive indoor stadium featuring a modular arena for PvP and Spleef. The Stadium took about a week to complete, and was built by TBoneX07, salthepal128, Existing_Player, Bluecrafter07 and others. The stadium features 12 skyboxes, shop spaces, locker rooms, and a lot of seats. In total the stadium can hold about 960 people, which is a little more than the number of people in the Puucraft Discord server as of the time that this article is written. It is the largest Stadium ever in Puucraft history, and if Brixworth's stadium is ever built, Measan Stadium will be the largest indoor stadium in Puucraft history.


For information about this building, see the Bubblemall page.