Mons Marique

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Mons Marique (mountain and sea in english) is a town and kingdom in Puucraft's Map 11. The founder and king of Mons Marique is Pausen. Mons Marique was established on the 13th August, 2021. The coordinates to Mons Marique are: x=718, z=1434. Mons Marique has a small shopping area in the centre, and a sandstone mine next to the sea. A road northwest of Mons Marique leads to the bordering town of South of Heaven.

The official languages of Mons Marique are:

  • Latin
  • English

History[edit | edit source]

Founding[edit | edit source]

Mons Marique was established a day after the release of Map 11 (13th August, 2021). Pausen found the location and started building there because of the flat area between the sea and the Mons Marique Mountain. The first project was a tunnel from the flatlands next to the mountain and going up to the mountain top of Mons Marique Mountain. After the tunnel was finished, a project started to build the Montis Vertice tower on top of the mountain.

Expansion[edit | edit source]

After the tower was build, the flatland area started to develop. The centre of the town appeared with a market, houses and the Mons Marique Arch was build.

Sandstone Lake Area[edit | edit source]

The biggest project yet was the construction of Mons Marique trainstation. To the northeast of the centre, a big lake called the Sandstone Lake was located. It was planned to drain the lake to make area for new building projects. The ground of the lake consisted of sand and sandstone, and was a perfect place to farm sand and sandstone. The sandstone was mostly used for the construction of Mons Marique trainstation.

Notable Structures (In order of construction)[edit | edit source]

Montis Vertice Tower

The tower is the towns icon and was the first building built. It's on top of the Mons Marique Mountain and has the best view of the town.

Center Market

The center of the town with multiple small shops that sell stuff like saplings, wheat, seeds, logs and even saddles!

Mons Marique Arch

An arch located in the northern part of the town. Rumor has it that if you pass through the arch you might glitch into the Puucraft Backrooms.

Mons Marique trainstation

The trainstation of the town. Build on top of the former Sandstone Lake. The trainstation is infamous for being the least used trainstation on Puucraft (0 users as of 2023). The trainstation is build of fine sandstone from the Sandstone Mine and snow from the mountains.

Sandstone Mine of Sandstone Lake

A sandstone mine under the Mons Marique trainstation that contains sandstone from the former Sandstone lake. Apparently a secret tunnel goes from the mine toward the Summa Eclessia Church.

Summa Eclessia Church

A church next to the trainstation that follows The Church of DarkHacker. It's by far the biggest project and building in Mons Marique.

Members and Contributers[edit | edit source]

The first official visitor of the town was haiiwje a fellow Puucraft player that had a house nearby the town. haiiwje introduced Pausen to TAU (The Alliance of Union) and since then Mons Marique was a part of the alliance all the way until the alliance ended in 15. August 2022.