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TAU (The Alliance of Union) is an alliance founded on December 10. 2021 by Haiiwje and Pikachu rpg110 with a population of 44 members on around February 2022. TAU slowly died due to the inactivity of Haiiwje; an important person for the growth of TAU.

History[edit | edit source]

TAU was founded on December 10. 2021. It was founded by Haiiwje and Pikachu rpg110. TAU experienced rapid growth with the joining of Zadroze, Hermansville, Mons Marique , and more. Around February 2022 TAU had 44 members and 7 country members. During the time of TAU there were laws being made, banks and elections were happening. TAU has had some wars/civil wars. The Mordon War started 15. December 2021 and was a TAU victory.

TAU slowly became inactive and officially declared dead 15. August 2022. Although TAU is dead some of the members still remain active and talks of new alliances are happening.