Bluemont Massacre

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Bluecrafter07's POV, during the bombing of Bluemont Theatre.

The Bluemont Massacre took place on May 30th, 2023. It is characterized by the bombing of multiple edifices, such as the Bluemont Theater, Bluemont Central Bank and the Puucraft Supreme Court, District 7, Bluemont.

Initial attacks[edit | edit source]

At 7:37 PM UTC, lava was reported leaking out of the ceiling, presumably placed by someone, killing Existing_Player on stage, while she was performing. This was eventually met with an explosion, one minute later, causing 3 casualties. Immediately, it had been suspected that GopnikMcBlin had been responsible for both of these attacks, but not before a second explosion, killing another 5 people. However, more explosions have been heard shortly thereafter, in the timespan of 38 minutes, leading to the estimation of 6-7 bombs being detonated overall, during people's stay at the theater.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After seeking refuge at the Bluemont Central Bank, two more bombs were ignited, leading to the deaths of two of the people present there.

Screenshot of the trial. (credit: Weakypedia)

At 8:36 PM UTC, Bluecrafter07 announced the beginning of the first court case, involving the defendant's trial (initially GopnikMcBlin's), inside the Puucraft Supreme Court, District 7, Bluemont. _Weiland__ was judge, Bluecrafter07 was the prosecutor, while Existing_Player was the lawyer. Gopnik was tried for multiple counts of terrorism during PuuCraft's history, but while the prosecutions was presenting its case, the last two bombs had been detonated, before Bluecrafter07 accused Mixarium, at 8:43 PM UTC, for his participation in the attacks as well. All charges against Mixarium and GopnikMcBlin were dismissed four minutes later, after Weakypedia was thought to attempt to cause another attack, by observing the TNT situated near him through a hole dug on the ceiling that was used to drop the last two bombs. The only issue that remains is that it's still confusing to understand who was innocent and who was guilty here, so Aztekphetamine suggested a retrial on the following day.

The second trial is dated back to May 31st, 2023, beginning at 7:31 PM UTC, having a duration of 23 minutes. It has been recorded entirely by Mixarium and can be found here. Aztekphetamine was the judge, GopnikMcBlin and Mixarium were the defendants, and Bluecrafter07 was the prosecution attorney. During the trial, there's been a conclusive decision that led to Mixarium and Weakypedia's innocence, with both of their criminal charges being dismissed, while GopnikMcBlin was sentenced "to 5 minutes in New Jersey", referring to the Puucraft Backrooms, although he wouldn't be locked in immediately. However, many people considered that GopnikMcBlin's sentence was undeserved.