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Puunews Short Title card
The Title card for the Puunews Short

The Puunews Short is an animated short based off the Puunews announcement channel hosted by TBoneX07. The animation is a parody of News broadcasts and is set within the Puucraft server with locations being the Puunews studio and New Bubbletown. The animation was made by Florx_Lord, and was produced through out the entire month of March 2022 and released on March 25th of the same year

Plot[edit | edit source]

A news broadcast airs where is opens up with some "technical difficulties", after that the host goes into the main story about how new players are causing problems on the server but it swiftly cuts to ads when a stage light falls on them. After the ad break we are told the weather for the day, and then it cuts to an interview portion where players of the server talk about topics that don't corresponds with the broadcast story. With the last to be interviewed being on the of the new players that was causing problems, after the interviews we get a closing by the host.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Hosts:[edit | edit source]

Interviewees:[edit | edit source]

Other Character:[edit | edit source]

Ads From Video[edit | edit source]

Big Herts Minecarts[edit | edit source]

This ad is a parody of American car rental ads, with the owner of business being a cartoonic portrayal of the type of people who own vehicle rental services. In the ad it list the different types of mine carts you can buy, talks about great deals, how Big Herts want you to give him your money, and him pleading for you to buy his carts.

Insurance ad[edit | edit source]

This ad is a parody of insurance ads, it opens up to a black and white scenes of accidents with text overlay of whats being said though the ad. The ad ends with saying "Well that sucks" instead of telling you how this service could help you like real world advertisements would.

Bubble Mall[edit | edit source]

This is a parody of 50's apartment store ads, it starts with telling you about it's "wide selection of items" then repeatedly lists off cobble stone while showing you a picture of a cobble stone chest shop from all the shops from Bubblemall.

Production[edit | edit source]

Pre-Production[edit | edit source]

Creation started in early of march of 2022, with what was originally going to be a shorter video of Tbone hosting a Puunews broadcast then it being cut by a wartime PSA. However more ideas came out of this project so the original idea was scrapped, Florx would ask Tbone for voice clips for the original version of the video but these would never be used.

Production issues[edit | edit source]

The animation was going to be fully voiced acted however Florx had trouble actually getting multiple people to do interviews for the interview section. Instead Florx used text-to-speech sites to do the dialogue of the animation.

Creating[edit | edit source]

The Animation was made with the free art program MediBang Paint Pro, with movement made by recording the mouse dragging assets with OBS Studios, editing was and video compiling was done with the free video editing program Shotcut.

Cut Content[edit | edit source]

An actual interview with the player a_big_rat(Trodero) was conducted and animated, however this was cut due to the production issues.

A scene of Florx flying the "Florx-copter" into Bubbletown was going to be added but was cut out due to Florx having trouble figuring out how to animation the Florx-copter's blades for certain angles.