List of known bugs

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This page lists every known bug, either temporary, or a bug caused by the Beta 1.7.3 client itself, which has occurred throughout Puucraft history.

History of temporary bugs[edit | edit source]

/c{command} related protections bug of July 26th, 2022[edit | edit source]

Second witness of the /c related protections bug, July 26th, 2022.

For several hours after it had been noticed, some chests on the server have had their protections removed, allowing anyone to access the chests, which weren't private anymore during the bug.

This bug mainly began on the evening of July 25th, 2022, when some blocks that could have /c protection properties applied to them, like doors, trapdoors, chests, etc., have lost their protections. It was noticed by Gustawus first.

The next day, on July 26th, the same bug would be further noticed, after Mixarium had attempted to break some of his chests blocks, as he was moving between bases. Eventually, the bug was reported in #get-staff-help, but it was major, due to a some, if not, majority of the chests' protections being removed, which could be stolen from.

Only two hours after Mixarium's report, the bug was fixed, but by that point, bluecrafter07 had taken few water source blocks from TBoneX07's storage, because of the bug. Hilariously, those would be used to build a water river in the Nether. Although, both bluecrafter and TBone got into a misunderstanding because of the water source blocks that had been taken.

A water river in the nether, built during the broken chest protections period.

Bugs related to the Beta 1.7 client itself[edit | edit source]

"Crash" slabs[edit | edit source]

Crash slabs shown on inventory, with a mod that fixes the crash. Credit: ProPlayer998

This name given to these types of slabs is a hint of what they do. Basically, they'd crash someone's client, if a mod which fixes the crash is not downloaded. The reason they crashed the client, was because these slabs had an unused ID.

The slabs were got more known about on January 17th, 2021, when Mixarium built a block meta data changer, which could convert the ID of these particular slabs. Coincidentally, that was the same day when the second shutdown scare was announced. Although these kinds of illegal slabs were well known way before that, most of the Puucraft community didn't hear of them at all. Mixarium would showcase the illegal slabs to few users. Until January 23rd, when several people visited Mathoholmul to meet Mixarium, while he was making the crash slabs. That would also be the day when Puucraft was expected to shutdown, but it didn't.

From that date onward, the crash slabs became quite known in the community. So far, no bans were applied to those who were farming the slabs.