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The first screenshot of New Hungary

New Hungary, or Új-Magyarország in Hungarian, is a town in Puucraft's Map 11 made by Capatika and Existing_Player. It is bordered by New Romania, a New Hungary-inspired town built by Mixarium. It was founded on December 6th 2021, and contains many references to Hungarian culture and especially politics. The name was inspired by New Finland, though unlike it, New Hungary is simply a town rather than a full-blown country.

Most of the signs and building names are in Hungarian, but a couple of English signs can be found as well.

Noteworthy Locations[edit | edit source]


The stadium was the first building to be built in New Hungary. It started out as a simple soccer field, but received improvements over time. It was technically finished in January 2022, when the sand was switched out to white wool.

Shops and businesses

There are currently 5 functional businesses within New Hungary's border:

With the exception of Tom Market, these are all restaurants. There is another official restaurant (Márianosztrai Csárda) outside the border.

There are additional buildings which are based on real life stores, locations, etc. but they are for decoration only:

  • CBA
  • Líra könyvesbolt
  • Gamer Barlang


There are currently 3 memorials in New Hungary. They have been built in place of illegally built buildings, which were either removed or destroyed.

"Fuck you" cloud

On the December 15, 2021, fishyliss built a house in New Hungary without permission, along with a cloud up high in the sky, with a sign on top, which read "FUCK YOU


He later went on to break the sign on January 30, 2022.

Trans tower

When Crispy8B returned to Puucraft for a few days (May 22, 2022), she joined New Hungary, and started building a tower with the colors of the transgender flag. At the time of this article being written, she hasn't finished building it, and went inactive once again.


On April 1, 2022, a circus was built by Capatika, with a clown emoji on top of it. The Zoli bohóc copypasta is written down in front of the circus.

MTV headquarters

A fully-furnished replica of the headquarters of the Hungarian public media service, complete with a radio and TV studio. Obviously, the interior of the original building is unknown, but the exterior matches the main building of the original facility as closely as possible.

Mészáros&Mészáros Kft.

A replica of the headquarters of Hungarian company Mészáros&Mészáros Kft. The original building is located in Felcsút. Although most of the interior lacks furniture or decoration, a shrine can be found in the cellar.


A small, simple, and not-so-beautiful church was built by Capatika shortly after the town's founding. It overlooks the stadium from a hill.


A castle can be found on a hill south of town. It includes a dungeon deep underground, which has been converted into a prison cell.

Nowhere, Middleof National Park (population: 0)

An area claimed by New Hungary surrounding the final station of Existing_Player's northern railway. Its exact borders have yet to be defined.

ULX Kft. "offices"

Three garages west of the stadium representing Existing_Player's idea of what the offices of ULX Kft. might look like in real life.

Aggteleki Cseppkő Barlang Aggteleki Nemzeti Park & Aggteleki Nemzeti Park Állatkert


Border fence

New Hungary's southern border is protected by a wooden fence to keep immigrants out.[1] The only crossing is via the Salton Springs railway line.

Members[edit | edit source]

Here are all of the members (excluding the owners):

Ex-members[edit | edit source]

People who got kicked out of New Hungary for one reason or another. At the time of writing this, there is only 1 person who fits this criteria: fishyliss.

  1. This is one of the political references of New Hungary that should not be taken seriously.