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The character that Florx_Lord depicts him self as.

Florx_Lord or Florx, is a commercial artist from the United States of Polish-American descent. He regularly depicts him self as a humanoid cactus character in a brown 2-piece suit, this character is named Jumpin Jactus. Florx is a member of the beta server Puucraft and is known with in the community for his artwork and videos.

Florx makes videos, music, and other media as well as illustrated artwork. With some of his more popular works being those that are about the Puucraft server and the game minecraft.

List of notable works made for the Puucraft community:


  • Puunews Short
  • Final Duel (Yu-Gi-Oh! animation)
  • Minipasila Tribute video


  • Puucraft Timeline
  • Comic recreation of first pinned meme
  • Illustrations of Puucraft staff members
  • Puucraft TF2 themed logo