The unspoken rules of Puucraft

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So far, there has existed a list of unspoken rules of Puucraft, like:

  • If TBoneX07 says hi, everyone is obligated to greet him back.
  • If you're like Existing_Player or Capatika, say something as a joke, and mark that text with a strikethrough.
  • Bluecrafter07's spawn house view shall not be ruined.
  • If there are no users online on the Puucraft server, and MrParalyzed isn't online on Discord, at least someone else is obligated to say "dead server xd". Before, they were supposed to say "dead chat xd", but the old phrase got slightly obnoxious over the following months, so the phrase was switched to say that the server's dead.
  • Gustawus will not be dethroned from his first place in the playtime and balance leaderboards.
  • No one is allowed to misspell the word "work" as "w&rk", as the second phrase is a CraftedPatryk reference.
  • TBoneX07 is NOT 57 years old.
  • Don't try to exploit and discover glitches that could cause hysteria and mass destruction.
  • Don't be a dick giving crash slabs to people for malicious intent, unless that person's a bad guy, like having Hitler skin.
  • Auramall will eternally be dead.
  • Hiruzen_Uchiha will never run out of quizzes to give to you. He's made an ARG by this point.
  • Don't implicate against minipasila's arguments, he can kick your ass on his wish.
  • Existing_Player and Capatika are permitted to speak in Hungarian.
  • TBoneX07 will hate you if you refer to glowstone, cobblestone and discord as their respective names. The correct terms are glowtob, cobbletob and ditob.
  • Existing_Player demands me to put hyperlinks on this page.
  • Bluecrafter07 has put hyperlinks on this page.
  • ProPlayer998 and LordSaft64 are the only ones allowed to create a Finanzamt.