Puustaff Tower

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Puustaff Tower[edit | edit source]

A photo taken from the South Side of the Puustaff Tower

The Puustaff Tower was built in January 2022 during a big wave of expansion in New Bubbletown. The building serves no useful purpose, but it was a neat addition to the city.

The building usually will go unnoticed by players as it isn't very special as it is flat, has windows and isn't colorful. However, it is an important building both in New Bubbletown and Puucraft as it holds the record for the highest building in Map 11. Both antennas surpass the build height due to a glitch with saplings.

The record used to be held by the East Tower in the Bubblemall Complex, however that was accidental and not truly attached to the building, but the pieces that surpass the build height on the Puustaff tower were intentional, and are a part of the antenna.

The building is located in the downtown lake-front district of Mesome.