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| name = Republic Of Privnyet

3]] Privnyet is a country on PuuCraft's Map 11. Privnyet was created by Haiiwje as a township and transformed to a town and a republic at the same time. Haiiwje and Pikachu rpg110 created TAU and Privnyet turned into a kingdom. Privnyet would then become a republic again then to a kingdom and republic again to an empire on around march of 2022. Privnyet was in a dictatorship with Haiiwje, but Haiiwje stopped playing in around early April 2022 and returned to Puucraft on July 28 2022 for around 30 minutes. Privnyet was a communist country and merged with Kashubia to make UKPSR and Privnyet became independent on around late september 2022 and is now a growing country on puucraft