New Kytrap

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This page refers to the Map 11 town. For the Map 10 town wtih a similar name, see Kytrap.

New Kytrap is an abandoned Map 11 town founded by Creativity_ (formerly Gamer0127), as a successor for the town Kytrap in Map 10.

New Kytrap
New Kytrap as of 26 June 2022.
Founded on 10 October 2021
Status Abandoned
Leader No current leader
1st Leader: Creativity_
2nd Leader: ProPlayer998
Location South-east, according to Dynmap
Coordinates X: 3553; Z: -1583
Territorial extent Approx. 151 blocks by 196 blocks

History[edit | edit source]

Foundation[edit | edit source]

The earliest record of New Kytrap can be dated as back as October 9th, 2021. TheXLMinecrafter proposed the foundation of a town in Map 11 located on the exact coordinates with Kytrap on Map 10, going by its name of "New Kytrap". Gamer0127 agreed with the idea, and on 10 October, 2021, at 4:09 PM UTC, the town was officially founded.

Grief of December 2021[edit | edit source]

On 23 December 2021, New Kytrap would report a massive grief which occurred at the town. The griefer would turn out to be PolarBear123, who reportedly mentioned in chat that he was CraftedPatryk from Map 10. Reasons behind the grief aren't exactly known, but it was speculated that it could have been CraftedPatryk's revenge after the North-South Kytrap conflict of Map 10.

Information[edit | edit source]

ProPlayer998 took the ownership of New Kytrap in 24 July, 2022, after Gamer0127 left the server on March that year. The town is pretty much referenced to the response of the victory of Northern Kytrap in the Kytrap conflict from Map 10. A memorial is built, which represents a small sandstone pyramid, with the top of the pyramid indicating the middle of the Map 10 Kytrap wall, as that wall was built two days before the war.

The current state of this town is pretty much unused, with very little to no activity from any user in the town whatsoever. It had experienced some slight activity during the first half of 2022 from residents who were still active during that time.

Gamer0127 declared the town abandoned during his brief return on 2 December, 2022.

After the passive return of Gamer0127, he did some minor fixes, like griefs. Also KY-Mall was closed.

Buildings[edit | edit source]

The KY-Mall[edit | edit source]

The KY-Mall as of December 2nd, 2022

The KY-Mall building was built in just one day. The design came from the infamous Bubble Mall. It consists of 7 Floors and currently 3 shops whose are all inactive.

The Church[edit | edit source]

Picture taken by J.
The Kytrap Church as of December 2nd, 2022.

The church was originally built on Map 10 in a small village called CKBL town, by Gustawus. But because of the great design and way it was built, Gamer0127 decided to rebuild the church with a schematic mod. It was completed after two evening building and farming sessions.