Nether Town

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A tower in the nether, it's walls made out of glass
A photo of the exterior of the Tower of Glass
Nether Town was a small town on Map 10. As the name suggests, it was located in the nether. The town was owned by Existing_Player, though some members helped with building and maintaining it. It operated on a plot based system, and the entire town was was a series of glass tubes and cubes. The town was "griefed" several times by ghasts, though the glass took most of the damage.

Notable Buildings[edit | edit source]

A shop selling a single redstone for 5 puubux.
The shop outside of the main area

Shop[edit | edit source]

A shop was set up on the lower level of the town. At first, only Existing had shops, but later, Crispy8B, SmartBoyTom and NoNameStudios also set up shops. There is also a shop outside of the shopping area by pifase.

The Tower of Glass[edit | edit source]

The tower of glass was a tower with 8 floors. Half of the floors were empty. The 7th floor was used as a storage room for Existing, and the 8th floor had 2 people living there: Existing and Capatika. There was a railway from the entrance to the 1st floor, and an exit on the 5th floor, too.

Members[edit | edit source]

People who owned plots in Nether Town: