Existing village

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A bunch of "box" houses
A photo of Existing village, taken from the tree farm.

Existing village was a small village on Map 10, named after Existing_Player (because it was built around her house). It had no real owner, the closest person to owning it being NoNameStudios. It had a portal directly leading to Nether Town.

Members[edit | edit source]

Notable Buildings[edit | edit source]

Nether Town Tree

A badly built tree, with the trunk being built from cobblestone and netherrack, and the leaves from glass
Nether Town tree. It has a sign next to it, which reads "Nether town abomination that wants to be a tree"

Existing_Player tried to build a normal-looking tree from the materials that mainly made up Nether Town (those being netherrack, glass and cobble).

Tree farm

A Tree farm above the village, owned by Extroveer. Birch trees were grown there.

3 cobblestone signs

3 words were built from cobblestone around the village. They read "Minecraft b1.7.3", "PuuCraft" and "Glacier". They were built by FreeZeStudioSK.