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The first screenshot of Archville.

Archville, is a town in Puucraft's Map 11 founded on March 22nd 2023. The first two members include adizz_ and half_royal, with Haiiwje and pianorocket5406 accompanying the two soon after. The earliest buildings in town include two residential homes as well as the town hall and town bank. The name of this town is thanks to the large arch-like formation that hangs over the town square which tucks it between two large hills. The town is not under any nation, rather a free standing town ran by it's residents.

Noteworthy Locations[edit | edit source]

Old Town

The oldest portion of Archville. It contains the town hall, town bank, embassy to Privnyet, and a town dedication marker with a few "magic slabs".

Upper Archville

An upper residential area built above the city port.

Dowtown Archville

Downtown Archville features a variety of different structures created by several of its members. Spanning from tenements to a large tavern and inn nicknamed Ye Ol' Crooked Arch there are quite a few places on this new section of town.

Members[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of people who have either built a home at the town or have contributed building something to/for the town in one way or another.