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TBoneX07 is a moderator on Puucraft and joined the Staff Team on the 13rth of December, 2021. He originally joined Puucraft on the 9th of February, 2020.

His most notable works are:

Map 10

Forming the town Madison with Hayafumi but selling it to Kingasdfg for just $30 puubux.

This is TBoneX07's skin which he uses due to his favorite skin being "Tuxedo Steve" on the console versions of Minecraft. TBoneX07 Formerly used a Penguin skin, and then a Pingu skin.

Map 11

Interacting with the community by doing fun events, starting towns such as New Bubbletown and Retelinburgh, forming a "country" called New Finland, and creating the infrastructure group, Trans World Railwayst (TWR) which is a railway group that was made after TBoneX07 took a vacation to New York City and stopped at the Trans World Airlines (TWA) hotel and came home.

The group makes railroads around the map and TBoneX07 usually funds the people that build railways with iron, gold and money.