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A Minecraft avatar that looks like a pinata
Sweetshop's skin

Sweetshop was a player on Puucraft. He first joined on May 16, 2020 (Map 10). He helped build the Map 11 spawn.

Due to getting fed up with the state of moderation, he left the server indefinietly on May 27, 2022. The thing that pushed him over the edge was when Gamer0127 returned for a day, and proceeded to say the f slur (3 times). A moderator was present, though no action was taken.

A bunch of signs, the text on them as follows: "After all my time on this server, there has [sic] been many problems with no resolve. I have proof of Sal, and Braxi both saying the N word both hard R. Sal is well known and braxi is a moderator. I also have proof of Gamer saying the f slur! none of these people got in trouble. theres bias, your reputation shouldn't matter; im tired of a server with bad people and barely passable staff action. bye i guess -Sweetshop, Map 11 Builder and member for 500+ hours"
Sweetshop's final message (click here for the text version)[1]

Owner of[edit | edit source]

  1. Please do note that the N word incidents haven't been confirmed, but the incident with Gamer has been confirmed to be true.
  2. Name currently unknown, if there even is one.