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Chunky render of Skyburgh made by UNuX in August 2021.
Founded on 30 October 2019
City Leaders Weakypedia, sampler345

Skyburgh (formerly known as New-Fork) is a collaboration city in Puucraft's Map 10 made by Weakypedia and dozens of other players. Founded in October 2019, it rapidly became one of largest cities on the server, gaining such landmarks as the arena, the canal, and Skymall, a large underground shopping center which was the most popular mall throughout much of Map 10's lifespan.

Contributors[edit | edit source]

The list of contributors, as listed in the warp room on the day of Map 10's reset, is as follows:

  • Weakypedia
  • sampler345
  • Astray
  • ced555
  • 35U
  • Hayafumi
  • Four_Jey1
  • Peperos
  • Kurriochi
  • TCBird
  • sd7
  • CalmCreeper360
  • mrbengtsson
  • thor756
  • ATCGamersSE
  • Schadom
  • Ahmad_Salame
  • NorthAtom
  • TheSlimeDE
  • Alexelnet
  • Dakras
  • Kingasdfg
  • ddvader

Other users who built or helped with building in Skyburgh, but were not listed in the warp room list include:

  • This guy
  • That guy