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The PuuCraft Spleef League or PCSL for short is an organization operated mainly in Brixworth and managed in New Bubbletown that hosts spleef games and tournaments between teams located in different towns and cities across Puucraft.

The league consists of 8 teams spanning across cities based on 3 maps. These include:

- Pebbletown's Frostbite Flyers (Home arena: Hartwall Arena)

- Mathoholmul Diamond Knights (Home arena: Mathoholmul Stadium)

- Renderdale Red Lightning (Home arena: Renderdale Center)

- New Bubbletown Squids (Home arena: Measan Stadium)

- Less Vegas Cactuses (Home arena: Big Herts Stadium)

- New Hungary Shrimps (Home arena: Mészáros Lőrinc Stadium)

- Bluemont Wolves (Home arena: Bluemont Bank's Winter Dome)

- Salton Springs Sheeps (Home arena: )

The League hosts games every season. One season is one real life month, and since the league's creation, there have been 20 completed seasons at the time of this article being written.