Measan Stadium

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Measan Stadium is an indoor arena located in the Uptown region of the Measan District in New Bubbletown. It is home to the New Bubbletown Squids, a spleef "team" although no team or players have been officially created/drafted. Measan Stadium is the largest arena/stadium ever built on Puucraft, even surpassing the size of stadiums in towns like Eastdown and Skyburgh. The main building took several days to construct, and several builders such as TBoneX07, bluecrafter07, Existing_Player, salthepal128 and others helped in construction.

Measan Stadium is also of an enormous size for Beta 1.7.3 and Puucraft, capable of holding 940 people spread across seats and skyboxes. The Stadium, primarily being made out of sandstone and stone is similiar to the brutalist style of architecture, with few windows and very boxy/blocky shapes.

The Stadium also features a white roof made out of snow, and the builders put a big blue cross on the roof to represent the Finnish flag, a hats off to minipasila and the server. The flag is hard to see in game, but it can be seen clearly on Dynmap.