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Image of Kytrap, after the North-South Kytrap conflict.
Founded on April 7th, 2021
City leaders CraftedPatryk, before the North-South Kytrap conflict
Gamer0127, after the North-South Kytrap conflict
Situation South-east, according to Dynmap
Coordinates X: 3450; Z: -1569
Territorial expansion 84 blocks by 183 blocks

For the town in Map 11, see New Kytrap

Kytrap was a Map 10 town founded on April 7th, 2021, mainly by CraftedPatryk, with Gamer0127 alongside him. Most of its history took part in the North-South Kytrap conflict. Its original name was "Kyrtap", but people kept mispronouncing it as "Kytrap".