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ProPlayer998's skin on NameMC

ProPlayer998 (alias xodus or finanzamt gaming) is a PuuCraft player, who is known for being keen at PvP and sometimes at building/fixing buildings. He joined on March 3rd 2019 but his most active time was in October 28th 2020. The activity is sometimes scarce even on PuuCraft Discord server. Is a resident on 4 towns (Brixworth, Westup, Bluemont and Dorogakure).

On Map 10:

On Map 11:

  • Resident in Brixworth, Dorogakure, Bluemont and Westup
  • Winner of Siege event (1st place)
  • Winner of Christmas building competition (3rd place)
  • Winner of Summer building competition (1st place) with Existing Player
  • Contributing on building more channels for boat transportation with Mixarium
  • Contributing on revamping RTU railway infrastructure.

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